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Dahab Blue Hole

Diving in Dahab (blue hole & Canyon) Professional – Qualified divers




Dahab is a Bedouin village which is away from the Sharm el-Sheikh, about one hour drive to the north coast, is famous for its palm trees surrounded by the quiet atmosphere of the village, and also the dive sites for entirely different dive sites in Sharm el-Sheikh area.
The one day trip from Sharm considered an easy way to dive in the most famous places in Dahab such as the narrow valley (The Canyon) and the hole deep (The Blue Hole) and both are considered dives from the beach that have the attributes superficial very unique. And also an opportunity on the way back to visit Bedouin village (A Bedouin Settlement), where you can get an idea of ​​their way of life and share their delicious cup of tea


The journey to Dahab include transportation and Guetstan under the supervision of a guide, water and beverages. It is organizing trips Dahab demand a minimum of six divers. If you want to visit Dahab, we recommend that you register to go to our diving center as soon as you arrive.

Tube cylindrical rock known bells leading to deep blue hole

Bells to the Blue Hole, we start diving to it by walking a bit to get to the entry point of the Bells (Bells). This bell is a chimney hole on one side, and after 27 meters there arc or arch, which will pass through it and this is the secret of the place naming bells because the divers when hampered arc voice which sounded like it hit the bell happens. Among the Bells (Bells) and the hole deep blue (Blue Hole) you will find remarkable by wall Ntwat and coral reefs There are no only in this region, and after about 25 minutes you will reach the deep hole blue (Blue Hole) which is in fact a deep slot blue in the torus important to get out after 55 meters, but we will get from the summit after about 7 meters, and then turn around or dive deep blue hole in the middle will come out and then we go to the Bedouin tents for a delicious cup of Bedouin tea

Valley Aldq (The Canyon)
You may access it through the sandy Lake (Sandy Lagoon) where you can see a fish Persians (Pegasus). Outside the lake there reef where there is the famous narrow valley. We will enter the narrow valley through the big gate, take a look around and then go out again to see Fiqat we created come through the sand, this is also the place where fish may hide its Red Sea creeping (The Red Sea Walkman). Ocean Reef is a narrow valley a good place to explore the private small creatures to this must remain your eyes wide open all the time.

In order to reach their places of diving from the beach, we recommend using the fins open-heeled (Open – Heel Fins) with shoe bot (Boots) and you can rented from the dive center.

To book a trip to Dahab you can call center Sinai Scuba diving.


Additional Info.

  • INC.: Transfer – Equipment’s – Professional Guides
  • Excluded: Photographer
  • Don’t Forget: Passport / Egy ID – Sun Glass – Towel
  • Snk / diving: Dives
  • Food / Drinks: Lunch + cold & Hot Drinks
  • Price: Per Person : 100€
  • Experience : Less Certificate Open water
  • Less age : 16
  • Less QTY : 1
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